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Rate: $35 an hour with a 5 hour minimum.

From years of professional editing experience I know how to showcase your best performances. Your reel is the next step in developing your career and being a stand out to casting directors. I am here to make your demo reel shine and help promote you to your next role.

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MAlvarez"Doug has pieced together 2 reels for me. He is intuitive, smart, detailed, and so great at communicating his ideas. He stays current with what the industry is looking for, and has an impeccable eye for both comedy and drama. Very soon after our last session, I booked a job just off of my reel." - Molly Alvarez

I want to completely collaborate with you and your agent or manager to ensure you receive everything you need to get you hired for your next job. Your career deserves a Top Actor Reel.

    Here your reel always gets the attention it deserves. Top Actor's Reels aren't produced on an assembly line. Each reel is custom made one at a time to fit you perfectly.

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