Do you shoot the scenes for actor's reels?

No, I edit with the scenes you have performed on set. Once you have the copies of your work we can start making your reel shine.

What kind of actors do you work with?

I work with actors ranging from working professionals to newcomers. I also work with Directors, DP's and other creative professionals.

What do we need to get started?

The formats we accept are:
DVD, DV-CAM, mini-DV, VHS tape or any other media file type of your scenes. If you have scenes in any other format or tape call us to discuss.

How many clips should I bring?

Bring every scene that shows your talents. It’s also important to bring a variety of genres to show your versatility. In general be sure to bring more material than less.

What do I do when I get there?

Bring all of your materials, hang out in our editing room while we create your reel a cut above the rest. I encourage you to supervise the entire session so you are fully satisfied. Or you may prefer to simply drop off your materials and let me take care of everything.

Will my agent or manager be able to view my reel online or on DVD before we finish?

Absolutely. Collaboration is key here. An online copy or DVD screener will be made available to you and others before the reel is finalized.

How long does it take to create my reel?

It varies per project but usually about one day. No one else can offer turnaround that fast.

What if I live outside of the Los Angeles area?

I work with creative professionals in the greater LA area only.

What if my reel takes longer to create?

All reels have a one flat rate per project so we are done when you’re fully satisfied. I want to work with you on your next reel too.

What if I need just a quick change to my reel?

For minor changes just call me to discuss the details.

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